They say moving is one of the most traumatic events in life—but luckily we are here to make it a little easier for you! We work with you to make your move as easy as possible.

Services Provided:

Decluttering + Packing: We have found that often when people move, they become stressed and begin throwing things in boxes, saying to themselves, “I’ll go through this later.” But unfortunately, that usually doesn’t happen—and this is when most of our organization clients call us. Typically 3-6 months after their move, they end up needing to completely rework everything. We are trying to avoid that. We declutter as we pack and leave detailed notes about what is packed in each box.

Moving Services: We work with several 5-star moving services to schedule and coordinate your move so that you don’t have to.

Unpacking + Organizing: We unpack and organize, doing exactly what it is that makes us the #1 organizing service in Salt Lake City.

Concierge Turn-Key Services: Target Run? Costco? We do it all. We get everything in place so that when your move is over, all you have to is come home and sleep.

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