Samantha Zahn | Owner | CEO

I’m the Sam behind Simply Sam. I am a professional home and life organizer. I grew up in Chicago, but I’ve lived in Salt Lake City, UT for the last ten years.

I specialize in taking inventory of your life and helping you figure out what is holding you back. I believe in finding what you value most and working towards a values-based life.

In today’s busy world, our living spaces and pending to-dos can become increasingly overwhelming. I want to help you work towards a life where you can come home, breathe, and enjoy time with the people you love most.

My background is in psychology, and I take pride in making the spaces I transform for my clients a place of joy for them and their families.

We ARE True Professionals

Our whole team is licensed, insured, well-trained, trustworthy, and friendly.


Colby Lund | Owner | CFO | Contractor

Colby is Sam’s husband, and he never expected that this is where life would take them—but he’s happy it has! Colby wears a lot of hats in the business, but most days you can find him building something. Colby is from North Dakota and has his bachelor’s degrees in psychology and economics from the University of Utah.


Teriann Mayfield |

Team Manager

Teriann is a wife and mother who knows the demands of managing a busy household as well as the importance of continual decluttering. She is passionate about helping others find balance in their homes to make it the most functional for them. She loves a clean home and the feeling that comes along with it! Along with organizing, she enjoys decorating, photography, and making spaces look and feel their best!


Sydney Felter |

Organization + Design Consultant

The Best Organization + Design Consultant in Salt Lake City

Olivia Trottier | Organization + Design Consultant


Shelton ASay | Videographer